Custom Orthotic Factors

When looking at options for foot orthotics, you might wonder what exactly the differences are, and which is the best one for you. There’s a whole bunch of off-the-shelf foot inserts available to you today, but nothing will compare to a custom orthotic. Throughout the process, many factors are taken into
consideration with the overall design. Here are some of the adjustments made depending on each individual and the problem they want to resolve.

  • Cushion/Arch Support: Whether you have a high, low, or flat arch, no two feet are shaped the same, even doing an in-store pressure test will not give you the same results as a scan or 3D model done by a professional.
  • Comfort: You will find that most pre-packed inserts will offer nothing more than just comfort, if this is all you can afford then any kind of support is better than none. Remember, just because it feels good and comfortable doesn’t mean it’s correcting your foot pain issues.
  • Motion Reduction: One main purpose of a foot insole is to be able to reduce the amount of stress on the foot. A custom insole allows you to really fine tune the amount of motion your foot has with each step.
  • Firmness/Flexibility: Your insole should be able to support your entire body weight; firmness should increase in areas that require more support. Prepackaged insoles are never too hard or soft because it is a generic model made to fit many.
  • Fit: Probably one of the best reasons why to get a custom orthotic would be for the fit. On top of all other factors, a professional can also tailor your insole based on the kinds of shoes you wear most and what activities you are seeking to do.
  • Durability: Quality plays a huge role in the differences between the two. Most off-the-shelf insoles will have to be replaced every 6 to 9 months, while a custom one can last you for years.
  • Targeted Pain: Most people start their search after experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort. The problem with generic inserts is that they often tackle one problem over another. Now the good thing about custom insoles is the ability to adjust these factors based off all your needs.
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