Warranty & Guarantee

You’re in good hands.

Warranty &

You’re in good hands.

Buy With Confidence

Buy With Confidence

Here at Urthotics we know and understand that orthotics can be an important decision.

That is why we offer:

  • Lifetime Breakage Warranty on the orthotic shell.
  • 6 Months Full Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Adjustments if needed to make sure everything fits just right.
  • Free Shipping and Returns.

6 Months Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the fit is not just right the first time, have peace of mind knowing that we offer free adjustments. Our goal is to help and provide foot pain relief. We also provide you with a full 6 months to try out your new custom orthotics. If you are not fully happy with them by that time, you can return them for a full refund.

Lifetime Warranty

Your new custom orthotics come with a Lifetime Breakage Warranty on the orthotic shell against breaks and cracks. If at any time during ownership your custom orthotic shell breaks or cracks, we will remake/replace your orthotics at zero cost to you. Please note that the top cover is consumable and will wear regardless over time.

Remarkable Words From Our Customers

Remarkable Words
From Our Customers

You’re In The Best Of Hands

Maximilan C. – Verified Buyer

“I was a professional track athlete for many years and I competed in the 800 meters starting from a young age. I have always required orthotics and I can say that your product is a perfect 10! The price is reasonable and the quality is awesome. The delivery time was great and I was impressed with the way you follow up. Great work. I would recommend your orthotics to all!”

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Sam J. – Verified Buyer

“Hello. Extremely pleased with the service and quality of the pair received. I even took this to my podiatrist and they confirmed this is the right fit for me and it was less than what I would have paid at the doctor’s office. Even ordered my second pair already!”

Sally M. – Verified Buyer

“I absolutely love my orthotics! I wear them in my exercise shoes and exercise without pain during and after. They have been a Godsend.”

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6 Months Money Back Guarantee

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