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URthotics Reviews

Remarkable Words From Our Patients

Sally M.Verified Buyer

“I absolutely love my orthotics! I wear them in my exercise shoes and exercise without pain during and after. They have been a Godsend.”

Maximilan C.Verified Buyer

“I was a professional track athlete for many years and I competed in the 800 meters starting from a young age. I have always required orthotics and I can say that your product is a perfect 10! The price is reasonable and the quality is awesome. The delivery time was great and I was impressed with the way you follow up. Great work. I would recommend your orthotics to all!”

Michelle M.Verified Buyer
Title: Without a store, we tried online.

“I have abnormally high arches and even a bilateral arch on my right foot. Regular Dr. Scholl’s don’t work for me. I always went to a running store to get custom orthotics, made for my foot only. However, when we moved, no such store exists within an hour of us now. I decided to try URthotics and ordered a single pair. I spent the last 2 weeks running and doing Crossfit and have been so pleased that I am ordering another 2 pairs for my sports shoes. Because I have always worn orthotics built for my foot, I didn’t need to spend any time breaking these in or getting my foot comfortable to them, which is often necessary when someone has always worn an improper insole. And now? My husband wants to order his!”

Tammy S.Verified Buyer

“The fit was great and easy process.”

Ken AndersonVerified Buyer
Title: Great customer service!

“I ordered 2 orthotics from urthotics and received them in the timeframe specified. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my podiatrist had adjusted my previous orthotics for an issue with my knee, which resulted in some knee pain, and my desire to return the urthotics and order them from my podiatrist again. I was concerned urthotics would not honor their guarantee, but they refunded all of my money immediately. They were VERY responsive, returning emails within 10 minutes. I have never had such good customer service in such a situation. Kudos!!”

Betty ScarboroughVerified Buyer

“Great help and my feet are happy.”

Loretta S.Verified Buyer
Title: Great support for my bad ankle.

“The first time I wore them I was a bit skeptical. But the more I wear them, the better they feel. I can tell my ankles are upright, like they should be. I would recommend these to anyone needing support. I got the Everyday. I’ve had some sore muscles in my legs and back from using my muscles differently. Doesn’t last long.”

PeteVerified Buyer
Title: Amazing product

“I had serious plantar fasciitis in my left heel and within seconds of wearing Urthotic insoles, my heel felt like new. I am very active and love the support the active insoles provide. I have recommended these to all my family and friends.”

A. WalkerVerified Buyer

“They (customer service) were easy to deal with and helped me. The orthotics are wonderful and I am just sorry I waited so long to order a pair.”

S. ScottVerified Buyer
Title: I like these but….

“By far the best orthotics I have purchased within the last year. My only advise is not to send in a tracing of the current shoe you are wearing which is requested by Urthotic as the orthotic will not fit into other shoes that easily. I sent in a tracing from my Columbia Hiking boots that I wear daily but the orthotics don’t necessarily fit well in the Keen Hiking boots that I use for yard work or the New Balance sneakers I wear for working out. I actually had to buy a size up for the sneakers.

Long story long.I have worn orthotics for over 30 years. The pair I had were fine but one of them had a hole in the heel. I decided to use some of the stimulus money to get a new pair. I went to my local Podiatrist who is in Plymouth Massachusetts. She and I agreed on 450.00 for the pair. The new right orthotic was never right. My right foot had developed plantar fasciitis. The Podiatrist sent the right orthotic back to the company that made them, Northwest Podiatric and I purchased fill in over the counter orthotics as I had thrown my old and still good pair out. Moral, hold onto your old orthotics until you are happy with your new ones. The Podiatrist and the company that made the new orthotics both charged me for the adjustment which I did not agree with. The Podiatrist for the office visit and the company for the adjustment. My 450.00 orthotics where now up over 650.00 and I was still not happy nor were my feet. I went to another Podiatrist in Attleboro Massachusetts and he stated that my shoe size was wrong and that the orthotics that I purchased from the Plymouth Podiatrist were too ridged? Though the ones I had worn for years were rigged plastic so that was not making any sense. I purchased some over the counter orthotics from him which he altered but they were not right. See a pattern? His over-the-counter orthotics were 138.00 for the pair and he could make custom ones for 600.00. That is when I found Urthotics during a web search. Overall, they are the best. The whole process was very easy. I would let them make the orthotics based on your foot mold and not on the tracing of your current shoe. Also, I was happy to get them during a sale. I had also phoned the two Good Feet Store locations in Massachusetts but neither returned my calls. I am assuming they were accepting new patients as they were still running ads on my local tv. Do your research. :)

Norm S.Verified Buyer
Title: These orthotics are comparable if not better than ones from the doctor’s office.

“My first year using orthotics from URthotics. Easily comparable if not much better than the last pair received through my foot doctor at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend trying a pair to see if these work for you. I suspect one will not be disappointed as URthotics delivers the same functionality and benefits as the expensive orthotics provide through your doctor’s office.”

MarkVerified Buyer

“Fast response, delivery. Well made. Comfy from minute one. Can’t say enough to praise this company. Have been wearing orthotics for 55+ years.”

Sam J.Verified Buyer
Title: Medical Grade Pair at Half the Cost

“Hello. Extremely pleased with the service and quality of the pair received. I even took this to my podiatrist and they confirmed this is the right fit for me and it was less than what I would have paid at the doctor’s office. Even ordered my second paid already!”