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URthotics Reviews

Remarkable Words From Our Patients

Phil C.Verified Buyer
Title: Great!

“Love everything about these cheaper than other competitors and great quality. Made any sort of pain go away.”

Steve M.Verified Buyer

“Best orthotics ever.  Had 3 others made by different specialists and non were as effective.  Thanks!!”

Frank M.Verified Buyer
Title: Outstanding!

“These orthotics have been a lifesaver. High quality and perfect fit. Thank you!”

Philippe B.Verified Buyer
Title: Perfect fit- Relief!

“The process was smooth to order the orthotics. It took a little longer than expected for delivery, but it was worth the wait. The engineering and medical craftsmanship were excellent, and I had relief immediately. Making the mold is very important because it sets all the little details of the orthotics and the comfort wearing them. Total satisfaction!”

Gershon N.Verified Buyer

“I can’t do without them.” 

Don K.Verified Buyer
Title: Great fit just right 

“Helping me walk again.”

Victor A.Verified Buyer
Title: Very positive results 

“I found the whole process seamless and the communication from Urthotics was prompt. The insoles are excellent, helped relieve my plantar fasciitis, and fit my shoes perfectly! Highly recommended!”

J. Tripp – Verified Buyer
Title: Have tried several orthotics from different vendors

“These are far superior to other orthotics!” 

Rich R.Verified Buyer
Title: Taken all my back pain away

“Easy ordering process. My orthotics have taken all my back pain away.” 

Bruno P.Verified Buyer
Title: Really liked my first pair, got a 2nd and 3rd 

“I’ve had a pair of orthotics from my foot doctor for several years. I needed a second pair so thatI would not need to switch my inserts from shoe to sneaker etc. I ordered a pair from Urthotics earlier this year and have been wearing them in the summer and fall. They fit nicely and are well made. Plus a good bit less expensive than going to my foot doctor – but for the same level of quality! I just ordered a 2nd and 3rd pair from Urthotics as I am very happy with my first one. They are doing a fine job at keeping my plantar fasciitis under control.”

David H.Verified Buyer
Title: Very pleased with my new orthotics!

“My last two sets of orthotics were from Hangar under a prescription from my local podiatrist. I was very disappointed since both last just over one year with the last few months being very uncomfortable. I searched the web for alternatives and discovered Urthotics. So far I have been very pleased. Depending on longevity I will likely be a customer for life! Thanks so much for what you are doing! “

Joseph M.Verified Buyer
Title: Great orthotics !!!

“These orthotics are amazing. I had been playing tennis with pain around heel/Achilles tendon area. Now I can play pain-free!! Nice to have orthotics that fit my shoe and feet with precision!!”