URthotics Reviews

URthotics Reviews

Pete M.Verified Buyer
Title: Great Orthotics!

“I recently ordered the everyday and sports orthotics and am extremely impressed with both. My feet instantly felt lighter and better than they have for years. I have a bone spur and plantar fasciitis of my left heel.”

PattiVerified Buyer
Title: Great job reducing foot pain

“I wasn’t sure at first about the cost but it was worth every cent. They worked with me in my unique foot issue to produce a product that has reduced my pain.”

KasperVerified Buyer

“Excellent product, excellent service”

Whitney T.Verified Buyer
Title: Easy to order, affordable, and use daily

“I’ve worn custom orthotics for the past 10 years and it’s always been a huge amount of work to find a practitioner, go to appointments for evaluation, and then wait several weeks for the inserts to arrive. In the past I’ve paid up to $600 for a pair of custom orthotics (which aren’t covered by my insurance), and in a few cases they ended up not fitting (or even causing injury, in one case). What initially attracted me to Urthotics was the price: I was able to get two pairs for less than $300, which was reason enough to give it a try–if they work, it will be a huge savings for me. Also, having more than one pair would be very convenient, since it can be time-consuming swapping them into different shoes frequently. I was pleased that the fitting process was straight-forward and I was able to complete it in less than an hour. I can’t remember how long it took to receive them but it was within the timeframe advertised, and happily, they worked for my feet. As someone who has spent a lot of time going to different orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other specialists, and thousands of dollars on custom inserts, this was a welcome alternative that was cheaper, more convenient, and most importantly worked for my feet.”

SteveVerified Buyer
Title: They are great.

“Great stuff.”

DianaVerified Buyer
Title: Best customer service

“I was hesitant when I got to their website, but with the pandemic was my only option. I am impress, everything was very easy, efficient, fast. I didn’t have a problem or a question by at the end when I asked something they respond immediately. The soles are wonderful, perfect for my shoes. I recommend them all the way.”

Anthony JonesVerified Buyer

“These orthotics are really comfortable.”

Donna MarieVerified Buyer
Title: Feet finally feel normal

“I have worn orthotics for a long time. However, the last ones I had just didn’t seem to work correctly. Even going back to the doctor didn’t do any good as he said they were fine. I recently ordered URthotics and I am able to walk long distances again! The service was excellent. They notify you all the way through the process with needed information. Excellent….”

Mary AnnVerified Buyer
Title: Very Happy with my Urthotics

“My foot Dr. said I should get a pair of inserts for in my shoes due to the issues I was having from having flat feet. I debated if I should really trust this offer as the foot Dr. said he could get me a pair for $250.00 and that was the cheapest around. I decided to go ahead and give it a try and I have just ordered my second pair. They are cheaper and they fit so well I really didn’t have a problem adjusting to having them in my shoes and they also cleared away the problems I had been having with my feet. Thank you!”

TracyVerified Buyer
Title: Great orthotics!

“URthotics made basically same orthotics as what I ordered from Podiatrists. I’m so glad that I don’t need to go to my Podiatrists anymore!! I can always come back to URthotics for another customized orthotics. The service is great!”

Holden BowersockVerified Buyer
Title: Very good product

“I have used foot inserts before, and am very happy with the product at URthotics. Makes my feet feel good throughout the day. If you are looking for foot support, I highly recommend this product.”