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our direct lab partnership allows us to bring you
affordable custom orthotics

designed for plantar fasciitis

  • tri layered medical grade materials

  • intrinsically designed deep heel cup

  • made from the molds of your feet

  • distributes body weight evenly

  • realigns your feet & body

plantar fasciitis

Your Planta Fascia is a 4mm tissue band that runs along your underfoot from the heel to your toes. Every step you take stretches your planta fascia to allow it to support your arch. It becomes over stretched for several reasons such as unsupportive foot wear, strains/trauma to the fascia and even just the shape of your arch can inflame the tissues. The pain from plantar fasciitis comes when the tendons swell and shorten when the foot it at rest. The pain is most felt as a burning sensation on the inside of the heel and up to the arch area. This pain is far more common when standing after a rest, walking a long distance and especially when getting out of bed in the morning. Plantar Fasciitis is very common but, with the correct supportive footwear and stretches, it can go away on its own.

triple density custom orthotics

Our Triple Density Custom Orthotics are designed to help relieve pain and prevent damage by reducing arch movement and setting your feet into natural alignment. By taking a mold of your foot we are able to replicate your underfoot. We then design and create a matching arch platform for your feet to rest upon. This flexible but rigid platform acts as a base and aligns your feet distributing your bodies weight to the 100+ tendons, muscles and ligaments. This distribution helps keep our bodies in proper balance, relieves pain and prevents further damage.

intrinsically designed deep heel cup

The intrinsically designed deep heel cup protects the heel bone by keeping its natural, fatty, impact absorbing tissues bundled around the heel while acting as a spring to help push off of when moving. The medical grade top covers add an additional layer of impact absorption and comfort for your underfoot, helping minimize the shock effects to the rest of your body.

truly custom to your feet

good for those who have

  • flat feet / fallen arches
  • overpronation
  • high arch
  • supination
  • and more

how it works

order online

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enjoy your orthotics

  • lab 3d scans, designs & creates

  • quality checked

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why choose us

over 20 years experience treating plantar fasciitis with custom orthotics

made by a licensed pedorthist

designed to relieve pain

helps with more than just plantar fasciitis

you get the exact same process and care that we give to the doctors

120 day guarantee

made in USA

also available in sports/running

  • great for running, jumping and quick stopping
  • upgraded tri layer top cover for maximum impact absorption
  • designed for all sports and athletic activity

Premium Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics (3 Pair) Mix $399.00

Premium Plantar Fasciitis Custom Orthotics (2 Pair) Mix $299.00


$1991 pair
  • $225
  • everyday / sport

Plantar Fasciitis Custom Insoles (One Pair) $199.00