Your Feet, Your Molds, Your Orthotics

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Custom Orthotics

  • Created by Licensed Pedorthist
  • Made from Molds of Your Feet
  • Custom Arch Support
  • Relieves Pain
  • Advanced Technology
  • 120 Day Guarantee

Slim Design:

Fits All Shoe Types


Product Description

When suffering from Overpronation, the outside of your heels hit the ground first and as you step forward, the foot tends to roll inwards onto the arch. This overpronation in time can cause the arch to flatten. When this happens the foot can not properly distribute the weight of your body and puts unnatural strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet causing pain.

Symptoms of overpronation causes you to have higher risks of injuries such as but not limited to:

• Ankle Sprains • Shin Splints • Achilles Tendinitis • Heel Spurs • Plantar Fasciitis

Our Triple Density Custom Orthotics are designed to help relieve the pain caused by Overpronation while putting your foot back into its natural alignment. By taking a mold of your foot we are able to replicate your underfoot. We then design and create a matching arch platform for your feet to rest upon. This flexible but rigid platform prevents your arch from flatting and feet rolling inwards. Your custom orthotics will also have an intrinsically designed deep heel cup that provides your heel bone impact protection, while the medical grade top covers add additional impact absorbing support to minimize the the effects to the rest of your body.

  • Deep heel cup provides a spring like cushion for the heel bone.
  • Same Exact Process Used With Doctors
  • Same Medical Grade Materials That Doctors Request
  • Precision crafted using the latest 3D CAD/CAM orthotic technology and software.
  • 20+ Years Experience

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Order your custom orthotics online from the comfort of your home.


Receive: foot mold box, instructions, questionnaire & pre-paid return label.


Our specialist will create your custom orthotics & mail them within 14 days.

True Story

After walking for exercise for years, I began to experience foot pain while training for a half marathon. In hind sight, I believe the shoes I wore should have been replaced being inadequate for that kind of mileage. Nonetheless, the pain continued and would not go away. I was diagnosed with Metatarsalgia, a condition in which the ball of the foot is painful and inflamed. My pain seemed to be mostly in all of my toes. It felt like the bones in my toes were aching with every step. I tried over the counter insoles over the years, and buying better quality shoes. It has been very difficult to find shoes that helped significantly. Finally, last summer I decided to give custom orthotics a try. I appreciated the guarantee Urthotics offered as it was somewhat of an investment in my foot health. I have absolutely loved my Custom Orthotics! I wear them in my exercise shoes,  and exercise without pain during and after. They have been a Godsend. Absolutely worth the cost. My feet are not nearly as painful as they were even wearing my work shoes even without out the orthotics in them. My condition isn’t curable, but the orthotics make it possible to continue to exercise and know I can be on my feet for a period of time in comfort. I highly recommend this product and company. They have exceptional customer service, providing exactly what they promise to!

Sally M.
Deerpark, WA – age 60
Unmatched Quality & Design

Using 20 plus years of hands on experience, combined with state of the art milling machinery and advanced CAD/CAM orthotic software, we are able to create top quality, precise orthotics. Your foot mold boxes are scanned into our software creating a unmatched 3D image.

This allows Mr. Gainer, our in house Pedorthist, to review tens of thousands of different points on your feet to create a full contact orthotic. Using his many years of experience, the software scans, and the information you provide included in your mold kit, he then makes custom adjustments.

The information is then relayed to a state of the art CNC milling machine where material is cut to extreme accuracy. Once cut Mr. Gainer adds the top cover by hand. He then reviews each pair to confirm it will provide a full contact surface and meets his personal top product quality and standards.

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Kevin Gainer, C. PED

About our Specialist in charge of the production and creation of all orthotics.

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Same Exact Process Used With Doctors
  • Same Medical Grade Materials That Doctors Request
  • Mr. Gainer Has Personally Made Tens Of Thousands Custom Orthotics
  • Known By U.S. Professionals For His Expertise & Attention To Detail
  • Each Mold Analyzed By Him For Exceptional Quality

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