Made By Our Licensed Pedorthist

Our Expert, Keith Gainer, is a licensed Pedorthist. He is the specialist in charge of the production and creation of all orthotics. Generally when you go to a Podiatrist they take your mold imprint, however, a Pedorthist is the expert to whom the molds are sent to for the orthotics to be created. As Mr. Gainer creates your orthotics, he will use the same exact process you would see at a doctors office, along with the same medical grade materials that doctors request.

Mr. Gainer has been making custom shoes, boots, and orthotics for over 35 years. He has made tens of thousands of custom orthotics over the years for doctors all throughout the U.S. Professionals choose him for his attention to detail and expertise. You will get this same quality and assistance from Mr Gainer himself as he is hands on with every pair of orthotics that go out of the lab. He carefully analyzes each mold before making the orthotics. He is attentive to the impressions made by your feet and will carefully analyze your mold to provide the best design that your body needs. Mr. Gainer will assist in every sort of way you would expect from a professional in his field and is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Kevin Gainer, C. PED

Why Urthotics?

  • Customized to your feet.

  • Multiple layers of top medical grade materials.

  • Expert analysis and design.

  • Built to improve posture and ease pain.

How It Works

  • After you complete the online order, a mold kit with instructions and a customization checklist will be provided.

  • Complete your mold kit and mail it back using the prepaid label that is included.

  • Relax while your custom orthotic insoles are created and then mailed to you within 14 days.