how it works

easy online process

simple, safe and secure process; custom orthotics delivered your door

120 day guarantee

we are giving you 120 days to let your feet love your new orthotics

free shipping

we ship both to and from your door for free anywhere within the USA

step 1

select the type of orthotics that best fit your activity level and needs and then checkout using our secure online process

step 2

after receiving your order we will mail your foot impression kit to you right away; included in your kit:

• a foot mold box & instructions for you to make your feet impressions
• a questionnaire for you to provide us more information in regards to your feet & activity level
• a prepaid label and return mailer for you to send the kit back to us for processing

step 3

once the lab receives your kit, your information is reviewed and processed by our specialist
your orthotics are then designed, created and then delivered within 14 business days

our technology

by analyzing and scanning your foot impression into our advanced orthotic software we create an unmatched 3D image

this allows Mr. Gainer, our in house Pedorthist, to review tens of thousands of different points on your feet to design custom full contact orthotics

once created, Mr. Gainer adds the top cover by hand and reviews each pair to confirm it will provide a full contact surface and meets his personal top product quality and standards

triple density custom orthotics

Our Triple Density Custom Orthotics are designed to help relieve pain and prevent damage by reducing arch movement and setting your feet into natural alignment. By taking a mold of your foot we are able to replicate your underfoot. We then design and create a matching arch platform for your feet to rest upon. This flexible but rigid platform acts as a base and aligns your feet distributing your bodies weight to the 100+ tendons, muscles and ligaments. This distribution helps keep our bodies in proper balance, relieves pain and prevents further damage.

Premium Custom Orthotics (3 Pair) Mix $399.00

Premium Custom Orthotics (2 Pair) Mix $299.00


$1991 pair
  • $225
  • select everyday/sport/plantar fasciitis

Premium Custom Insoles (One Pair) $199.00