The finished product will be delivered to your door within 14 business days of us receiving your completed impression kit.

Yes! Your orthotics will designed from an exact mold of your feet making them truly custom only to you.

Kevin Gainer, C. PED is the lab specialist. He is hands on with every order that comes through. He is the one that makes your orthotics.

The impression kit includes everything we need to create your custom orthotics:

  • foot foam mold impression box
  • instructions – detailed steps to guide you to make the best mold of your feet
  • questionnaire – allows you to provide additional details about your orthotics and symptoms
  • a pre-paid return label and return mailer

Each individual is different in the amount of use they put on their orthotics. However, your new orthotics should last as long as your favorite shoes and in some cases, much longer.

It’s important to remember not to be discouraged if you don’t get used to them right away. It can take up to 4 weeks before you actually feel completely comfortable wearing your orthotics all day long.

You should feel your orthotics affecting your feet in a variety of ways that may include a feeling of temporary discomfort. This means that the insoles are retrying to hold the feet in the position they need to be in and your body will need time to adjust. We suggest wearing them for only a few hours a day until you get adjusted.

Each order includes a break in period to allows your feet to get adjusted therefore it is common to feel some temporary discomfort.

These are a completely customized product created specifically for your feet. Orthotics are not guaranteed to heal but they are known to be proactive, relieving pain and pressure. This provides relief to your feet and can help prevent further damage. No one can guarantee removal of all your foot related symptoms but please allow 120 days for your feet to get accustomed to your new orthotics. Within this time period we also provide free adjustments if needed. If after 120 days we cannot correct the orthotic issue, a refund can be provided.

Yes. Our orthotics are a slim design that fits most shoes. If you find that the top cover is a little long, it can easily be trimmed with scissors.

Each shoe type is unique along with how your feet fit in them. That is why we ask for the information of the shoe types you will be wearing them in so we can make the adjustments for that specific shoe. We highly recommend that you get orthotics for each pair of shoes you regularly wear.

We offer discounted packages for additional pairs.

  • no doctor markups
  • over 20 years experience treating all types of foot pain with custom orthotics
  • made by a licensed pedorthist
  • designed to relieve pain
  • you get the exact same process and care that we give to the doctors
  • 120 day guarantee
  • made in USA