We suggest taking advantage of the full 120 Days Return policy. For most folks, the new orthotics will feel uncomfortable at first and for others they may feel great! Regardless of what they feel like right off the bat, it is so important to ease your body slowly into wearing them. The orthotics are changing the way the muscles in your feet work and the way your foot has been functioning since you began walking.

It’s important to remember not to be discouraged if you don’t get used to them right away. It can take up to 4 weeks before you actually feel completely comfortable wearing your orthotics all day long.

Our pedorthist suggest you begin “breaking in” your orthotics by wearing them for only 2 hours the first day. 2-4 hours the second day. 6-8 hours after 48 hours. After a few days, you should begin increasing the time by 1 hour and so forth, until you no longer feel them in your shoes. You have a full 120 days / about 4 months to get use to your new orthotics.

Most people find immediate improvement, but everyone is different. Keep in mind that your feet have been functioning in a specific way for years, and the foot, knee and lower back pain you have been experiencing is the result of this misaligned functionality. Essentially, your new custom fitted orthotics are meant to realign your foot to eventually relieve your pain and fatigue and thus break-in your body to the orthotics themselves.

We also suggest you do not wear them for any strenuous physical activity until you feel completely comfortable with wearing your orthotics all the time. If you overdo it, you may experience sore feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even lower back pain. These are clear signs that you’ve worn your orthotics too much, too soon.

If you are still experiencing difficulty wearing them all day after about 4 weeks of “breaking in” your orthotics, please contact us. We’re here to help. Remember, you have a full 120 days / about 4 months to get use to your new orthotics.