120 day guarantee

We’re so confident that your orthotics will match your feet,

we will give you 120 days to feel the difference.

If it’s not the perfect fit, we’ll happily make any adjustments for free.

We suggest that you please take advantage of the full 120 Days Guarantee. Most people find immediate improvement, but everyone is different. Keep in mind that your feet have been functioning in a specific way for years, and the foot, knee and lower back pain you have been experiencing is the result of this misaligned functionality. Essentially, your new custom fitted orthotics are meant to realign your foot to eventually relieve your pain and fatigue and thus break-in your body to the orthotics themselves. For most folks, the new orthotics will feel uncomfortable at first and for others they may feel great! Regardless of what they feel like right off the bat, it is so important to ease your body slowly into wearing them. The orthotics are changing the way the muscles in your feet work and the way your foot has been functioning since you began walking.

These are a completely customized product created specifically for your feet. Orthotics are not guaranteed to heal but they are known to be proactive, relieving pain and pressure. This provides relief to your feet and can help prevent further damage. No one can guarantee removal of all your foot related symptoms but please allow 120 days for your feet to get accustomed to your new orthotics. Within this time period we also provide free adjustments if needed. If after 120 days we cannot correct the orthotic issue, a refund can be provided.